How much of the food used needs to be Fresh from Florida? 

Students are not judged on the number of Florida commodity items used in the initial submission videos, however, at least one Fresh From Florida item is required to be considered as an official submission. Here is a list of resources that include herbs, produce, proteins and more:

What does it mean to “recreate or elevate” a school meal?
The request here is to take a meal enjoyed at school and bring your own unique twist to it. Whether that is with fun spices, additional produce, or a different kind of protein; there are lots of ways to make a typical dish unique to your cooking style.
Can contestants “cook” a dish by baking or on the stove, as well as choosing to assemble a dish that does not require heat like a salad or smoothie?
Yes, you may “cook” a dish by baking or on the stove, as well as choosing a dish that does not require heat …like a salad or a smoothie for the initial submission.  
Can a contestant get help from their parents, or does it have to be their own work from start to finish? 
We prefer that contestants do their own work, though we do understand that parents may need to assist or chaperone for the contestant’s safety. 
Can students present their dish with a drink?
They may show the dish with a drink, but they will only be judged on the one prepared dish, not the additional beverage.  
Can students prepare more than one dish but put them onto one platter, as part of a meal/serving that they would normally present to eat? 
Since we would like for students to prepare their favorite dish using Florida commodities, it is best if they only prepare and present one dish so that there is no confusion as to which dish is being submitted and judged.
Does the dish have to be a dish originally created by the student, or can it be based off a recipe from a cookbook or family recipe? 
The dish can be based off a recipe. We want them to make their favorite dish using Florida commodities. 
Is there a time limit for the video? 
We are asking students to submit a 2-5-minute video preparing their favorite dish using Florida commodities. 
Can my child make any kind of dish? Or does it need to be something typically served at lunch? 
Students are asked to prepare their favorite dish using Florida commodities. It does not have to be a lunch entrée.
Should the video be professional and edited or will a simple home video be sufficient?  
A simple home video is fine.  
If a product normally grows in Florida but is currently out of season, can students use products bought at the grocer that have come from other countries?
Yes. We do understand that they might not be able to get specific Florida commodities at this time, but it should be a product from Florida at some point throughout the year. For example, we know that contestants might not be able to get Florida broccoli now, but they can still make something with broccoli.
What do I do if we accidentally filled out the application and submitted it without the video? 
Please resubmit the application with the video. We will take the latest application submission.